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Peer Reviewed 

 If you are unable to access these publications, please use the Contact page to request a copy.

Goodson-Miller, M. V. (2022). A first look at justice-involved women’s egocentric social networks. Social Networks, 70, 152-165.                                 

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Song, L, Pettis, P., Chen, Y., & Goodson-Miller, M. Social Cost and Health: A Review of the Dark Downside of Social Relationships and Social Networks. Journal of Health and Social Behavior. In print

Goodson, M., Morash, M., Kashy, D. (2019). The Moderating Effect of Substance Abuse Treatment Engagement on the Connection Between Support from Program Participants and Substance-Related Recidivism for Justice-Involved Women. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 64(12), 1217-1235.                                  

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Goodson, M. (2018). Help or Hindrance: Female Probationers’ Navigation of Supervision      Requirements Through Personal Support Networks. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 45(10),

Goodson, M. and Morash, M. (2017). Court-Involved Girls’ Perceptions of the Attainability of a Desired Possible Self and Its Connection to Past Adversity and Current Behavior. Feminist Criminology, 12(4), 384 – 404.

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Stone, R., Morash, M., Goodson, M., Smith, S., Cobbina, J. (2016). Women on Parole, Identity Processes, and Primary Desistance. Feminist Criminology, 13(4), 382-403.

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